10 October 2009

Goodbye Blogger

It took me a while to come to this conclusion, but I think it's time to relocate my personal blog. For a while I have been using tumblr, a fast and no mess blogging site with hundreds (and counting) of custom templates, for a personal project called Statuses. After having a lot of success with the site, I was sold on the idea of making tumblr my new blogging home...soo...

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Dear Blogger,

No hard feelings here, in fact you had a lot of pluses. But in the end I am opting for something a little cleaner / more efficient to update. Can we still be Friends?



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05 October 2009

facebook statuses

I launched facebook statuses anonymously in mid-may of this year, to basically test the waters and see what kind of response I would get. Long story short, I started collecting people's facebook statuses and republishing them as typographic illustrations. Over 170 statuses later, I was hooked. This is my new way of sketching and brain storming. Plus it is really fun to document what people are comfortable sharing with a large percent of the internet population. Below is a favorite / popular one:

29 September 2009

Leave Behind

I was working on a few ideas for a little twist on a business card, and this was a custom-made mini promo I pieced together. Three hand-painted patterns on fabric and pressed into one of a kind pins. Extremely bright in the color department, but it was great to sit down and paint tiny patterns again.

21 September 2009

Website Make-Over 2009

Since it's officially the first day of Fall I felt like it was appropriate timing to show off a little bit of my spring cleaning...most importantly was my long overdue website re-design. Pictured below is my new site, and after that is a friendly reminder of what my old website / logo looked like.

Also you can visit my new site HERE!

18 September 2009

Blogging Fail

I have made many attempts to trick myself into blogging regularly, but its just not working out. I have a handful of updates and new projects to share, but I am currently without decent free time.

So, as a place holder here is a mock art flyer I made mainly because I wanted an excuse to use really big highlighted type.

22 July 2009

Word it for July: "fly"

Word It Wednesday! (It really is too easy to make these matchy-matchy theme days...)

Another piece for under consideration's word it blog. This month's word "fly" also tailored to my current love affair with vintage airport totes, so the lettering I ended up using is my little nod to those excellent totes from way back when:

The multicolored Pan Am bag can be found on etsy for $22.20
(but you might have to race me for it!)

17 July 2009

T.GIF (week two)

In honor of the traditional "TGIF" I will post a few .gif of my patterns every Friday:

03 July 2009

T.GIF (week one)

In honor of the traditional "TGIF" I will post a few .gif of my patterns every Friday:

25 June 2009

The Hunt for the Perfect "Thing" : Beach Towel

In the hopes of giving myself a realistic blogging schedule I am going to do a feature every Thursday on my quest for the perfect something...
this week is beach towels!

My close friends all know about my "lazy Sundays" (basically I refuse to move outside of a 5 mile radius of my apartment). I need a day of nothing, it really helps hit the refresh button before the new week. This spring / summer, my lazy Sundays have up-graded (location wise) to be poolside, and I am trying to slowly have all the perfect accessories.

When I think of beach towels I always see BIG strips or really intense tropical scenes. I understand that beach towels need an air of beachy-ness...but can't we be a little more subtle?

After a few days of searching I have found the following towels that make the cut.
(I still haven't picked "the one" yet, but I am leaning towards number 6)

1. Tommy Hilfiger - $19.99
2. Lacoste - $19.99
Ralph Lauren - $13.99
Martha Stewart - $19.99
Vera Bradley (in Bali Gold) - $34
6. Tommy Hilfiger - $19.99

18 June 2009

Mac Icon makeovers

A thing I have been wanting to do since I became more tech-savvy with my mac was to customize my dock icons. If for some reason you are not familiar with this, you can do this with both mac (here is a help link from apple) and PC computers! The thing I ultimately learned is: you don't really have to be tech-savvy at all to do this...oops.

Anyway! It is a longer-term goal of mine to create my own set of icons to share with the world, but until then I have found some pretty great options:

- The yellow and bird icons can be found at Pixelgirl, which also has a ton more icon options.

- The cute Boston Terrier icon was custom made by Jennifer "Bagel" Han (she is presently working on an entire set which should be released soon, so keep checking back at her website!)