25 June 2009

The Hunt for the Perfect "Thing" : Beach Towel

In the hopes of giving myself a realistic blogging schedule I am going to do a feature every Thursday on my quest for the perfect something...
this week is beach towels!

My close friends all know about my "lazy Sundays" (basically I refuse to move outside of a 5 mile radius of my apartment). I need a day of nothing, it really helps hit the refresh button before the new week. This spring / summer, my lazy Sundays have up-graded (location wise) to be poolside, and I am trying to slowly have all the perfect accessories.

When I think of beach towels I always see BIG strips or really intense tropical scenes. I understand that beach towels need an air of beachy-ness...but can't we be a little more subtle?

After a few days of searching I have found the following towels that make the cut.
(I still haven't picked "the one" yet, but I am leaning towards number 6)

1. Tommy Hilfiger - $19.99
2. Lacoste - $19.99
Ralph Lauren - $13.99
Martha Stewart - $19.99
Vera Bradley (in Bali Gold) - $34
6. Tommy Hilfiger - $19.99

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