18 June 2009

Mac Icon makeovers

A thing I have been wanting to do since I became more tech-savvy with my mac was to customize my dock icons. If for some reason you are not familiar with this, you can do this with both mac (here is a help link from apple) and PC computers! The thing I ultimately learned is: you don't really have to be tech-savvy at all to do this...oops.

Anyway! It is a longer-term goal of mine to create my own set of icons to share with the world, but until then I have found some pretty great options:

- The yellow and bird icons can be found at Pixelgirl, which also has a ton more icon options.

- The cute Boston Terrier icon was custom made by Jennifer "Bagel" Han (she is presently working on an entire set which should be released soon, so keep checking back at her website!)

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